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TurboTurk was established in Istanbul with the intention of keeping your turbochargers in prime condition, thereby maintaining the best overall performance of your engines. Besides ensuring maximum fuel efficiency, a well-maintained turbocharger prevents unexpected operational costs that may occur due to breakdowns. With a team of highly qualified experts, TurboTurk offers top-quality service, not only for standard maintenance but also for reconditioning of the turbocharger components.

We aim to lead the turbocharger industry, driving efficiency and sustainability while empowering customers. We envision a future where our innovation sets the standard for peak engine performance and environmental responsibility.

Our mission is to optimize engine performance through top-tier turbocharger maintenance, minimizing costs and maximizing longevity. We lead with innovation and expertise, setting the industry standard for quality service, empowering our clients to excel confidently.

TurboTurk boasts a highly skilled team dedicated to excellence in turbocharger maintenance and optimization. With their expertise and commitment, we ensure top-notch service and innovative solutions for our customers' needs.


consistent and dependable service


a team of highly qualified professionals


save on operational costs and reduce environmental impact

Quality Service

top-notch service excellence with precision and care

Satisfied Company
Professional Employee
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